I’m Lauren Robinette. I draw with a mouse and color with pixels. I use my visual voice to paint pictures. I am a designer, communicator, thought-provoker, and humorist. I believe continued learning drives improvement. I do what is necessary for each piece to be unique. I never forget that design is something to be enjoyed. I embrace new challenges. I am versatile. I look forward to meeting you.

Want more?

I’ll sum it up, I’m a hybrid designer that takes projects from idea to wireframes, taking all UX and UI into consideration, to the final visual designs. I love what I do and have a lot of fun doing it.


Some things I love:

• Robots
• Mini Coopers
• The Moon
• Peppermint hot chocolate
• Sleep
• Iron Man
• Airplanes
• Adobe Creative Suite
• My dogs, Millie & Charley
• Camera
• Funko Pop!
• Tea time

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