• PhotoPop

    Photopop is Wikia’s first mobile game app. The object of the game is to guess the image by hitting tiles to reveal pieces of the photo before the...
  • Account Management

    While redesigning the user’s account portal, I partnered with a lead producer and developer to take my designs from concept to finish....
  • Buy Widget

    This project was focused on the consumer and produced quality designs for EA as a whole. I worked with multiple game teams to help widgitize and...
  • EA Digital Platform Identity

    Because EA’s games work across so many different types of platforms, it is important that we have an identity system that allows the user to...
  • Deal Center

    The Redesign of our new store was our first big push at improving the user’s experience within Origin. The new store, and everything that follows,...
  • Premium

    EA and Origin are shifting their gears to think user first. This project is a concept about giving the user a premium plan with access to discounts...
  • Demos and Trials

    EA/Origin gives users the option to try out a selection of games prior to purchasing. EA also provides a Play-4-Free section where users can play...
  • Origin Emails

    A style guide and psd email templates created for an outside agency and the Merchandising team so they can better display news, sales, and other...
  • Xbox

    Using Microsoft’s metro guidelines, I created the first draft of an Origin client to be used on Xbox. It would allow users to access all of...
  • San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival

    The winning design for the 30th Annual San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival. This design was chosen by Wilkes Bashford and the chairman of World Arts...
  • Media Tools

    Prior to this project, several different userflows existed for users to upload media onto wikis. The goal of this project was to provide a...
  • Lightbox

    The goal of this project was to allow users to see larger sized images by default, reduce the number of clicks needed to view images, improve sharing...
  • Live Chat

    Created wireframes and final designs for Wikia’s most successful social product, chat.  I also designed a set of emoticons during one of Wikia’s...
  • Rich Text Editor

    A complete redesign of the Rich Text Editor, the core of Wikia. Major functionality improvements included improved notifications, edit conflict...
  • Polls

    A fun and easy way to do some light contributing on wikis. Polls allow the wiki admins to quickly gain knowledge on the rest of their community...
  • Start a Wiki

    A friendly and easy way to start your wiki, choose a theme, and other options a user would want right in the beginning. After this design went live,...
  • Answers

    Answers 2.0 is a whole new take on how Wikia works with Answers. I transformed our old Answers site into a brand new extension of the wiki –...
  • Explore

    The goal of the Explore project was to surface more content to users, giving them quicker access to the wealth of information contained within each...
  • Iron Man

    I’ll admit it, I have a huge crush on Iron Man. So I made these two teaser posters for the original movie, Iron Man...
  • Logos

    TravelLux – a high-end luxury travel company playing with negative space in the tux to show air travel Lanie Louise Photography – a young,...
  • Culberston Durst Interiors

    Client: Culbertson Durst Interiors This brochure is a custom made modified double gate fold mailer to promote two award-winning interior designers....
  • Invisible Children

    Nonprofit Client: Invisible Children This design was created and donated to Invisible Children to sell in tshirt form at colleges in California....
  • Wikia Propaganda

    A design exploration that played on Propaganda using Wikia’s brand.  ...
  • Wikia Email

    Email template used by several teams to reach users, and update clients about recent news at Wikia.  ...
  • Wikia Mobile

    Landing pages and subpages on mobile devices introducing Wikia’s newest features on Wikia Mobile along with newly released apps.  ...
  • Tron

    Client: Disney, Tron Legacy Created specifications and designs for Wikia’s footer ad to run at the bottom of the page.  ...
  • Harry Potter

    Client: Warner Brothers, Harry Potter Custom 300×600 rollover expandable widget to reveal more about the latest Harry Potter movie pulling in...


I’m Lauren Robinette. I draw with a mouse and color with pixels. I use my visual voice to paint pictures. I am a designer, communicator, thought-provoker, and humorist. I believe continued learning drives improvement. I do what is necessary for each piece to be unique. I never forget that design is something to be enjoyed. I embrace new challenges. I am versatile. I look forward to meeting you.

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I’ll sum it up, I’m a hybrid designer that takes projects from idea to wireframes, taking all UX and UI into consideration, to the final visual designs. I love what I do and have a lot of fun doing it.


Some things I love:

• Robots
• Mini Coopers
• The Moon
• Peppermint hot chocolate
• Sleep
• Iron Man
• Airplanes
• Adobe Creative Suite
• My dogs, Millie & Charley
• Camera
• Funko Pop!
• Tea time

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Send me an email at [email protected]!

Le Résumé

Lauren Robinette
[email protected]

Summary of Qualifications
Extensive and well-rounded understanding of design elements and principles; highly skilled in creative thinking, design, and execution. Enjoy developing and managing projects through all stages of the design process from initial concepts, quick sketches, user flows and wireframes to polished visual designs. Passionate about engaging user experience and eager to collaborate, learn, and tackle diverse challenges each day.

Workday – UX Designer
1.2014 – Present

Tapjoy – UX Design Lead – Dashboard
9.2013 – 12.2013
• Responsible for the UX and UI of Tapjoy’s business-to-business dashboard
• Develop a thoughtful experience that transforms the dashboard into a self-service product
• Created a new process for Product and Engineering to partner with design in order to develop user-centered products
• Closely coordinate with UX Researcher to develop user testing prototypes
• Work closely across multiple teams in order to create new product concepts and wireframes

Electronic Arts – Interaction Designer
4.2012 – 8.2013
• Responsible for the user experience of, EA’s next generation digital distribution platform for games
• Improved the user experience of Origin eCommerce by helping redesign worldwide

• Widgetized ‘Buy Now’ pages across EA, benefitting the user and creating a strong unified brand for the company
• Created flows for global identity system for users across all platforms, including web, client, mobile, and console
• Developed IA maps of the user’s journey to create a seamless experience between game teams and users
• Successfully worked with outside agencies while providing detailed wireframes and design justifications to developers
• Created cross-platform designs which provide solid, concise, and consistent interactions that further the brand
Efficiently partnered with Product, Engineering, and Operations while explaining the importance of UX across all platforms

Wikia – Interaction Designer
4.2009 – 4.2012
• Helped Wikia premium sales team double advertising revenue from 2009-2010
Managed a small team of sales and marketing designers
• Developed and maintained new product style guide that aligns design and front-end engineering
• Redesigned Wikia’s core feature, Rich Text Editor, while working closely with front-end developers to execute design
• Lead designer on numerous projects – responsible for evolving the experience and visual aspects of new products
• Collaborate with creative director and UX director to develop new user- facing products and tools
• Created initial concepts, wireframes, user flows, and multiple visual designs per product

• Worked closely with engineering to unify user experience and UI details throughout the site, reusing code when appropriate

Freelance – Branding, print, and web design
 3.2007 – 6.2011
• San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival 30th Annual commemorative tote bag competition won
• Created logos, brand identities, and printed collateral for various clients, including Invisible Children and ConnectWell
• Designed website, interactions, and wrote copy for

Expert in the latest versions of Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, but enjoy starting work in Omnigraffle. Working knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and other web standards. Of course, no stranger to whiteboards, dry-erase markers, pen, and paper. Colors for Life Board Member, Iron Man fanatic, avid Funko Pop! collector, dog lover.

Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising
Associate of Arts Degree in Graphic Design 2009

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